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Of local products.

Mesón Starters

(in the centre):


Cecina from La Todolella


Serrano ham from Els Ports


Artisan cheeses from Morella and Tronchón


Croquettes from Morella


Wild mushrooms with ham


Second course to choose from:


Crunchy trotters stuffed with boletus edulis with its sauce


1/2 shoulder of lamb baked in the oven

(extra charge 4,00€)


Iberian pork with red wine sauce


Grilled sirloin steak from Morella (increase 5,00€)


Charcoal-grilled veal entrecote


Crunchy cod with green peppers


Dessert to choose from


Homemade curd with sheep's milk from the "Caseta Blanca".


Carpaccio of pineapple with honey rum and coconut


Homemade cakes (consult us)


Cottage cheese with honey


Homemade ice creams (ask for more information)



Mineral water from Benassal (Castelló Ruta del Sabor)



Price: 28,00 €/ Per person

Wine, beer and soft drinks not included

Minimum 2 people will be served

VAT included


You can ask our staff for information according to the regulation (EU) nº1169/2011 regarding food allergies and intolerances.

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